Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK)

TAMK is one of the largest Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland with approximately 10 000 students. Over 40 bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes in Tampere and surrounding towns are offered. There is also a School of Vocational Teacher Education and students can complete specialisation studies, open higher education studies or other further and continuing education. Read more about TAMK.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences is part of a new higher education community which was launched in January 2019. This community includes TAMK and the new University of Tampere and creates a multi-disciplinary, inspirational and globally attractive research and learning environment – one that places humanity at its centre. The new higher education community is the second largest university community in Finland, with 35,000 students, 50 international degree programmes, 3,500 international students, and 1,000 international partnerships. Read more here: Tampere Universities community

TAMK School of Business and Services

The International Week will be hosted by the School of Business and Services (Liiketoiminta ja palvelut) at TAMK. During IWBAS 2019 your hosts will be lecturers and students from the following Bachelor’s Degree Programmes. Project specialists from TAMK’s Global Education Department will also take part in facilitating the project idea workshops.

TAMK’s Global Education Department

TAMK’s competences and partners’ development needs meet at our Global Education services. Providing high quality vocational and higher education services is the key to a better world for all. As a part of the commercial operations of TAMK, TAMK EDU works with partners to develop education worldwide.

Degree Programmes taught in English:
Bachelor’s Degree in International Business & video
Master’s Degree in International Business Management
Master’s in Educational Leadership (Online)

Degree Programmes taught in Finnish:
Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration
Bachelor’s Degree in Team Leadership, Proacademy Entrepreneurship Unit & video
Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management

More details on TAMK’s Global Education Department: