IWBAS 2019 Project Team

IWBAS 2019 project team is ready for the International Week!

Learn more about our team members below:


Hi, I am Karen and I am the Project Manager for the IWBAS 2019 event. When TAMK asked me if I was interested to lead this project, I was excited to participate as I love planning and organizing events. I am currently studying bachelor’s Degree in international business in TAMK and I am on my 2nd year now. I plan to major in Marketing and Experience Economy and I believe that being involved in this project will enhance my learning experience. We are a team of 5 girls from both the Finnish and International business degree and I love the enthusiasm of the team who are all excited and motivated to create a great social event for the participants. I am looking forward to working with both the team and the teachers in this event!

Hi, I am Ida! I am in charge of social media and I’m behind the social media channels. I am studying bachelor’s Degree in TAMK on my 2nd year now. I’ll start project management studies this year and I like to organize events. I am looking forward to creating IWBAS 2019!


Hey everyone! My name is Aino. I’m a second year IB student. I am always volunteering myself for stuff like this, so that is why I’m a part of this project. Just kidding, I really like working in different projects and felt that this would be a really great opportunity for me to gain more experience and network with new people. My task in this project is to help organize the free time activities and get-togethers for our international guests. Hope to see you in March!

Hi everyone, my name is Julia and I am in my second year of International Business studies. In this project I am responsible for the IWBAS website because I like to work with IT-programs and webpages, even if they can be very challenging sometimes… I enjoy being part of the organizing team and I hope to see you all in March!


Hi, I’m Sonja! You haven’t seen me yet here in social media, but I am part of the Tamk IWBAS team this year. I organize free time activities for our guests with Aino. I love planning, organizing and contacting people so this project sounded super interesting to me. We have a great team working on this event, so can’t wait for march when all the fun stuff happens. Hope to see you there!